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Hello Bandies and families

I trust you have all had a wonderful Christmas and new year, and have spent time relaxing, having fun and staying cool with your loved ones. Anyone get a new instrument for Christmas??? An oboe perhaps?  Or a bassoon?  If not, it doesn’t matter a jot, because you all sound fabulous with the ones you already have!  And it is time to get those instruments out, and ready for another fabulous twelve months with your band buddies.

Rehearsals begin next Monday night, 16th January.  Our first two rehearsals for the year will be combined bands, from 6.30 – 8pm, and we will be running through our tunes for the Australia Day celebrations at the Civic Centre.  As usual, there will be a sheet up on the wall beside the door for you to indicate your availability for Australia Day, so please remember to do this.

Also, the beginning of the new year is a good time to consider how you can help your band.  You might consider going on the mowing roster.  Thanks to the efforts of Mr Paul Verdon, trombonist extraordinaire, and bargain shopper, we have a fabulous new lawn mower in the shed. This will make it much easier to put your name on that list, as it will no longer be a case of bring your own mower!  Thank you for your efforts, Paul.   Please remember, also, we still have Wallaby Scrub Rd cleanups, and there will be another couple of Bunnings BBQ’s this year.

Looking forward to sharing another musical year with you all.  See you next Monday night at 6.30pm.

Best wishes


Alyson Dunne


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